TB FRANK • autodidact • born & raised in an artistic family • started playing bass & guitar in several rock bands at the age of 16 (the 70’s ) • influence : Jimi Hendrix, CCR , Pink Floyd • 1974 Played “Heroin” on a boat from Barcelona to Ibiza • 1980 : experimental music with Dirk Da Davo • which resulted in : The Neon Judgement • first legendary recording on Antler Records : Factory Walk/ Sweet Revenge • first album 1985 at PIAS : “1981-1984” • made approx. 10 full albums with TNJ on Play it Again Sam • 1994 Played Bass with Lords of Acid U.S. Tour • 1995 played Bass with Praga Khan,Jade 4 U, D.O. Japan Tour and toured around the world ’t ill 2015 • 90 + gigs in all major European cities,and Trans Atlantic venues in Canada and the USA • The Neon Judgement Farewell Tour in 2015 • Started collaboration with “Baustein” in 2016 • made the album : (TOCK!) between 2016/2017 • for “Cluster Park”

BAUSTEIN • born & raised behind a piano • multi instrumentalist • got his first musical shock at a “Ramones”concert • influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Satriani • Studied Jazz in Belgium • was a DJ after school • studied songwriting and performing at M.I.T. in LA after moving to Hollywood • Hooked up with Christopher Franke (Tangerine Dream) in his Hollywood studios • Studied producing, sound design, recording and mixing • Is running his own Private Guitar-Studio with contemporary music training, teaches guitar, bass, drums, band coaching, songwriting and production • 2000 Founded Baustein Music and produces instrumental and orchestral music for film & TV • Works under different names as Manic Youth (Electro Rock) • KONKR33T (Dutch Nu Metal) • Started collaboration with “TB Frank” • made the album : (TOCK!) between 2016/2017 for “Cluster Park”

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