Modern English are an English rock band best remembered for their songs “I Melt with You,” “Hands Across the Sea,” and “Ink and Paper”. The group disbanded for a period in 1991, but later recorded in 1995 with some new members. Given Modern English’s roots were post-punk icons Wire and Joy Division – dark and austere while still melodic and passionate – it was strange to be treated like the new Duran Duran, and the band split after the third album, Ricochet Days (1986).

Original members Robbie Grey (vocals), Mick Conroy (bass), Gary McDowell (guitar) and Steven Walker (keyboards) reunited in 2009 to tour the US, UK and Paris, and will now be releasing the new album Take Me To The Trees in February 2017, followed by a full tour. The album title was also inspired by nature: “it seemed like a sister title to After The Snow, and to us getting lost along the way.”

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